new paintings and such soon.



so i just finished a copy of a graphic novel version of hamlet.
This "no fear" Shakespeare comic book was amazing!
i loved every bit of it.
so after reading that i read the actual play and watched a few movies.
and i remembered how awesome Shakespeare is!

so now for a part of my AP art project ill be working on a full - length graphic novel version of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.
i chose this because it is one of Shakespeare's lesser known works and thus, less cliche.
but it is still very interesting story and I'm having a lot of fun reading about it and researching it.
Ive got a lot left to do but ill be posting everything here as time goes on.

so check back often.


Ive been reading a number of books at the moment.
the Merchant of Venice (duh) but also the watchmen.
the watchmen is AWESOME.
both the artwork and the story are just incredible.
i cannot wait for this movie.

Another famous comic book Ive been reading is David. B's Epileptic.
what a cool story.
the illustrations are amazingly descriptive.
the way they depict the story through not only text but pictures that can really capture the idea or thought of the panel.
Ive been drawing a lot of inspiration for my new book from this guy.

its awesome.

read both of these books.

or die.